Miller Park Baseball Stadium

After completing the subsurface soil investigation for the new Miller Park baseball stadium, it was decided to proceed with a test pile program to determine the most economically feasible deep foundation support system. Sets of straight-sided constant cross-section pipe and uniformly tapered Monotube pile were driven around the river site. Pile testing performed on the five 12-3/4-inch diameter closed-end pipe piles and the four 16-inch diameter Monotube piles resulted in 150-ton and 200-ton design loads, respectively.

A support cost analysis evaluating the installed constructed cost per pile type divided by its respective allowable design load determined that the Monotube pile support cost per ton was less. This nearly 28 percent savings resulted from 500 fewer piles required with the Monotube option. The reduced pile count provided additional savings due to smaller pile caps.

In addition to this multi-million dollar savings, the team effort of the pile driver and the pile manufacturer worked together to meet a very aggressive construction schedule.

miller park baseball stadium foundation
miller park soil data chart
miller park static load chart


1492 - 200-ton Monotube piles in lieu of 2000+ 150-ton pipe piles

Pile Driver:

Edward E. Gillen Co.
Milwaukee, WI

Geotechnical Engineers:

Wagner Komurka Geotechnical Group, Inc.
Cedarburg, WI

Design Load:

1492 Monotube installed to 200-ton design load capacity

Driven Length:

Service piles average driven length 74’


Vulcan 010 32,500 Ft.-Lbs.  IHC S-70 51,250 Ft.-Lbs.