Build Solid Economics into your Project with Monotube Tapered Steel Foundation Piles

Monotube cold-processed steel piles were first commercially installed in 1928 and are still manufactured in its plant of origin. The Monotube Pile Operation was separately reorganized in 1984, and Monotube Pile was founded.

Today the company is solely dedicated to manufacturing Monotube Piles for exclusive use in the deep foundations industry. The Monotube Pile manufacturing facility has been updated with new equipment through the years and is ISO certified. However, the Monotube pile characteristics have remained unchanged.

Monotube Pile is dedicated to providing the quality, timely service and state-of-the-art technical support to which the foundation industry has become accustomed.


Spanning eight decades of successful Monotube installations, a wealth of design, test and installation data has been accumulated. This data not only proves the benefits of Monotube Foundation Piles, but also provides supporting documentation to help users suuccessfully design and specify the use of Monotube Piles in their own projects.


Four diameters, four gauges and three rates of taper enable the designer to select a Monotube suitable for a wide variety of economical applications. For fully embedded foundation piles the most commonly used diameters are 12 and 14 inches with design loads up to 150 tons, contingent on soil capacity. An unusual advantage of the Monotube pile is the ability to nest a tapered section into an extension to produce a compact bundle. This process reduces shipping and storage volume by as much as 40%.